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Found 5th Feb 2007

I am getting married next year, and we had originally pencilled in either Australia or Hawaii (with a stop over in San Francsico!).

However, it looks like we are only gonna be able to get 2 weeks away, so was just after a few suggestions from you guys - and then of course some money saving tips too!

Thanks in advance.


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We got married in Venice. Was quite a reasonable price too.

For the Honeymoon we considered the Galapagos Islands but didn't go for it, wish we had now, never going to go there now the kids have arrived.;-)

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We were originally going to have it at a swish hotel in Cheshire. But have decided against that now (and have halved the cost of the wedding to about £10k now) and have found a gorgeous little hotel in the Lakes just south of windermere, so are going up there with the family to be married on the 14th February 2008, and then back to Manchester for a party on the Saturday!

Could do with some opinions on this as well, we're off for the Honeymoon around Sept 08, so as much offerings or recommendations as possible please

Cheers mucho.

It really depends on what sort of places you normally like. Busy, quiet off the toruist trail, somewhere different?
The Maldives is very popular for honeymoons but it is very quiet and not much to do but it is beautiful, I know some people who have done a two centre with Dubai and Maldives.

Other popular honeymoon destinations include - Mauritius, Fiji, St Luicia, Antigua, Barbados, Malaysia, African Safaris

I got married in Australia last year and spent my honeymoon there absolutely fantastic, loved every minute of it but it's not worth going for anything less than 3 weeks

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We do want a beach / pool holiday, but also would like to try and do some activities as well.

A friend recommended South Africa!

Congratulations on you up and coming wedding - hope it all goes well for you!! :thumbsup:
I'm celebrating my first wedding anniversary this saturday -it's gone SO fast :-D

We wanted to go 'somewhere different' for our honeymoon and so we opted for Cuba! i have to say it's the most amazing place. We stayed in the Cayos part, which are a little string of islands and so idyllic

Lots of trips to go on too. I've written a review on trip adviser if you want to check it out - we stayed at the sol cayo guillermo. Mines the review written by 'dirtydancer' :thumbsup:

I'll PM you a link which HOPEFULLY will direct you to the page...


We do want a beach / pool holiday, but also would like to try and do some … We do want a beach / pool holiday, but also would like to try and do some activities as well.A friend recommended South Africa!

Maldives would probably be too quiet.

I have a friend who has been to SOuth Africa a few times and raves about it. Time difference is only a couple of hours so no jet lag involved. A lot to do there including safaris if you are interested in the wildlife.

Another friend has been to Cuba and speaks very highly of it


i got married last year in Orlando, had a wonderful day (no thanks to … i got married last year in Orlando, had a wonderful day (no thanks to that major theme park) they messed up everything i booked with them. i booked the wedding myself at a little church in orlando, then off to that major theme park for dinner, fireworks, boat ridei would recommend st augustine florida. its stunningNaples.Florida is another beautiful place

did you use a wedding planner at all or just book everything youself?
i'm at a loss as to where to get married next year. is it easy to get your licence in florida? i considered las vegas but i'm not really into gambling so fear i will be bored within a day or two
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