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Posted 2nd Jan
Coming to the hotukdeals community for help.

I'm looking to book a honeymoon for this year. The only catch is, it has to be after July and during school half terms only due to work/teacher life.

This doesn't help and it seems to be the most costliest time to go anywhere.

Any recommendations, locations/destinations or even best places to search or even if anyone knows of any deals.. Would be a massive help

Around 5-12 nights, nice weather, a beach would be a bonus, a lovely room and view would be a dream, but something that won't destroy my wallet and leave me some spending money would be very helpful

Its probably the main thing I need to sort out and i can't get this wrong lol.

My pockets aren't that deep so trying to avoid the mega thousands of pounds that seem to come up on most site.. Something around £2k as then it gives me plenty of time to save up before the holiday
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The generally cheaper once there destinations are Turkey, Bulgaria, Tunisia and maybe Egypt now flights are starting again
book literally first day after july term finishes and prices are ok. week later and prices are up
Similar budget to what I had.

No beach, but can highly recommend Lake Garda (we stayed in Garda for our honeymoon some 13 years ago). Views guaranteed, food is excellent and not too dear, plenty of things do and visit near by (verona is lovely, didn't like venice but we had run our of money by then) and probably safer than most other countries
Where can you fly from?
Santorini could you go on 30th July two weeks £1,289 / East Mids
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Honestly, for a honeymoon you really might want to sit down with your partner and talk to them about where they might really like to go for this special occasion rather than just asking random HUKD users to suggest somewhere cheap.
When is the wedding booked for? You say July or half terms so presumably you're not going away straightaway?
So many of my friends went on a mini-moon and saved the bigger honeymoon for when they weren’t utterly exhausted.

I like the sound of a few nights somewhere like the Lake District and then having a holiday to look forward to when less stressed and tired
We had the same dilemma around 5 years ago now. We ended up going to Malaysia as prices were the same for a 2 week in Greece/Med for 4/5 star. We stay in KL for 3 nights at Shan-Gri-La and then beach resort in Penang at Shan Gri La for 11 nights. Was brilliant - food and drink was cheap and best we’ve ever had. If you like Asian food I’d highly recommend their big street food halls. From memory was about 5k for flights and accommodation but that was 5 star and private transfers both ends for all legs of the journey and upper deck seats on the airbus. We got lots of free upgrades at the hotels though!
My advice is go somewhere that isn't usually somewhere families take kids I.E mainland Europe. Go somewhere like Thailand. You can pick up flights for less than 500 for 10nights at the end of August and hotels are dirt cheap out there. Beautiful country and amazing sights.
I'm a teacher, we went to Marrakech all inclusive and it was just under £750 - we left the first day of the summer holidays - it was insanely hot - I love it. We went for a week, but that was enough for us. Our honeymoon was to Egypt which again was similar in price but we paid extra to go on trips to see the pyramids and go karting in the desert - great time.

I always try and go away right at the beginning of school holidays, it then makes my break feel longer and the prices are pretty reasonable.
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