Honeymoon in Ireland. Any recommendations ?

    Can anyone help ? I am getting married in October next year and would like to take my new husband to Ireland for our honeymoon. I have no idea where to start and wondered if anyone could recommend any lovely relaxing places to stay for a 5 night break.


    Quick quick, correct title to honeymoon before someone asks what is homeymoon X)

    get homey to sort homeymoon out

    ryanair and a travelodge deal.....sweet!


    I'd recommend Galway

    Its their honeymoon, i would imagine they will Galway (Go all the way! See? No? Dammit! *grabs coat* )

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    Quick quick, correct title to honeymoon before someone asks what is … Quick quick, correct title to honeymoon before someone asks what is homeymoon X)

    Oops! LOL ! Thankyou !


    Paddy Charlie

    I'd recommend Galway

    Yep Galway is lovely,
    Check out for bus info and possible tours, I recommend getting to the Cliffs of Moher about an hour South of Galway.

    Surely there is a reason that you want to honeymoon in Ireland. With that info, people will find it easier to make suggestions.

    Otherwise it's like saying, I want to honeymoon in the UK or France - too wide a choice.

    Which County? Which Country? Town? coast? rural???????


    do what the irish do and get the hell out of ireland.......

    There are soooooo many gorgeous places in Ireland. I had a lovely romantic break with my oh few years back at a place called Ballyshannon - but its really hard to answer your question as place might look small on a map lol but its huge!


    do a search on lastminute for cheap 4/5 star hotels or weekend breaks etc or do a search on ttrip advisor like everyone else would

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    The wedding is in October next year, last minute and other places like that only go up to the end of Sept at the moment. Which is why I was asking if anyone had any ideas or experiences of nice places to go. I have searched to try and get some ideas, but it mainly comes up with Dublin. I figured that there would be some lovely romantic places that are peaceful, so we can enjoy being without the children ! Whoop whoop !
    Thanks to those of you that were helpful !!


    ryanair and a travelodge deal.....sweet!

    Its a honeymoon not a lads weekend away! I can understand the flights as its such a short flight but Travelodge for a honeymoon !%*!, for not much more the OP should be able to find a stunning romantic hotel.


    why in ireland? why not somewhere hot?
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