HONG KONG excursions... buy from or out there?

    Hey Guys,

    Need some advice... flying out to HK nearer end of April and wanted to know if the excursions out there are more expensive or if you book via viator is cheaper than expedia... that's always a good sign...!

    like for example - the giant buddha in Lantou Island is like 70 quid on and over 85 on expedia... or just get it out there?

    much appreciated responses!



    without a doubt, buy out there - the whole ethos of HK is value

    as i remember, the buddha isn't that far out of the main island and public transport is mega cheap (as are taxi's for that matter)

    the buddha is a fair hike but worth it

    we were lucky as our friend lives in HK and got us in a lot of places free-gratis

    fantastic city - i'd be back there now if i could - ultra-safe

    a trip to macau is apparently well worth it though we couldn't fit it in

    star ferry is a nice experience for a few pence!

    go to bird street in kowloon for some interesting photos

    invest in an octopus card for a few quid - extremely convenient - buy at metro stations

    Original Poster

    awesome! thanks!

    if i were you, i'd try to use the metro as much as you can - extremely efficient, clean, cheap and practical.

    also get out and about on foot

    many's the time me and my lass would walk back to our hotel from the centre of kowloon to boundary street after 2-3am when we'd been shopping or to a restaurant or the movies. mega safe - never once felt vulnerable or threatened at all. the HK people are so polite and pleasant. wish we had this sort of environment here instead of charver scum.

    the bird street is yuen po street bird garden.

    i'm very jealous you're going!!!
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