Honor MagicBook pricing?!?!

Posted 12th Sep
Dies anyone know why all of a sudden the Honor MagicBook has shot up in price everywhere!!
It’s so annoying!
Was £449 at loads of places (not as a ‘special offer’ or anything) but now it’s £559 everywhere!!
Am I missing something here?
Gutted as want it but couldn’t afford it until now 😥😥😥
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There are only a few actual suppliers of computing equipment (distributors). Retailers get from them and decide their own prices and marketing. If the price the distributors buy at changes then it will affect the retailers as a whole.

Possibly the price from the factory has gone up due to increased costs (eg. factory closures, coronavirus). Or distributors have less stock so they've increased prices due to high demand. Why sell cheap, if they're selling everything they can get?
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The fire storm sales you have been seeing has been in relation to Honor due to release the Renoir based replacement with double the size in SSD and Memory and clearing stock on UK spec in readiness for this.

The cheapest I saw was down to £404 from the box but nearly all have at some stage been down to around the £450 price point.

Honor still have some bundles albeit not as attractive as they previously have been.

Presumably they have been successful in clearly inventory down to the level required and hence the price back to its normal value. If not then expect more shortly.
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