Anyone know where I can get Hoodwinked cheaply? (my sister is buying that and both Scooby Doo movies - I found them at £4 and £5 so just need hoodwinked cheap now)

    Choices has it at about £12, and I checked BlahDVD, Play and HMV already (I think) and they were more.

    Also, on yesasia (poss. playasia, can't remember) I saw a Hong Kong version (region 3, NTSC picture) for £6 - would this be possible to play on a UK DVD player? Also, would the language and screens etc be in English or in Chinese?

    Thanks in advance Mind it might not be possible to find too cheap as it came out in January, but I could swear it didn't do too well so I'm confused as to why it's so expensive.

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    If you could tell me your dvd player model I could have a look if its unlocked already and if not I should be able to get you a code enabling you to watch films from any region. 99% of players you are able to unlock.
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