Please, please someone help me find a good hoover.

    I was thinking of maybe a dyson or a seebo (as my mums got 1 and its brilliant), or something similar that is as good.
    Needs to be an upright 1 too please.

    Rep for your help, cheers


    Wouldnt touch a Dyson with a barge pole. Get a Sebo.Much better made and will last you years.…y=0

    Original Poster

    Cheers, rep'd

    what about a Henry.. i hear good things about them.
    my mums been through lots in her time, and she says Mielle is the best

    Bissell are very good and when we bought ours a review mag said that it was pretty much the best around, wiped the floor with dyson lol.

    Ours was a Bissell 3760E LIFT OFF SPIN we have had it for 3 years now and its still fantastic, its the longest I've ever had one!

    Have a look at the Bissells here:…10E

    Original Poster

    Thanks guys. I've bought 1 at the w/e

    Cheers n rep'd.
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