Hopefully in the right place - New PC buying advice.

    So my last PC was a cheap Acer, and well, I won't go into why I'm not rushing to make a second purchase, but anyways...

    It's become to time to move up from a slow single core machine to something more gamer friendly. I'm on a serious budget, and not one for the latest games, but this one seems to struggle to even play WOW well now. It'd be amazing if I could actually play GTA IV on min settings at maybe 20fps.

    Anyways, I have a ATI 4830 in there at present, so I'm thinking of keeping that and putting it into the next PC I get, and I'm considering this:…tml

    The 5th 6th and 7th barebones machines, and I'll reuse my DVD and video card from my old machine, and buy a new HDD to go into it.

    What do people think, is it good for the money, are Novatech a good company (I feel like they have a good rep, but I'm not sure where I'm getting it from!)

    I'd say I'm looking at a max spend of 300, but I can reuse bits from my old pc if needed, and I don't want to be building my own, tho I don't mind slotting a few bits into place.

    Again, I'm not after an alienware PC for £200, just something better than I have, which I feel was outdated in 2005 (bought it new in 2007 but manf date is 2005, seems cheeky).

    How much emphasis should I put on dual core vs triple or quad core? I doubt I'll be able to upgrade the machine again for about 2 or 3 years, so I want it to be reasonably future proofed.

    I'm posting because all the exciting deals on desktops seem to have dried up since new year.


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    Hmm...seems to not be showing under 'Misc' have I done something wrong? This one's also a test to see if it shows up again!

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    Yeah I know GTA was a godawfully optimised game, shame they didn't spend half the $200,000 on anti piracy stuff on actually making the game work properly.

    I'll stick one over in Misc then, thanks
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