Hopefully this well help Asthma sufferers

Found 11th Nov 2010
Been suffering from Asthma for some time now unfortunately. Was discussing on a different forum how its been playing up because of the cold/hot temperature change (outside, in car etc). Anyway, just heard of the "Buteyko" method which has proven to helps lots of people. I searched for a while and couldn't find much but finally found a set of youtube videos which tell you what its all about and what you ned to do. So here it is


I will be following the method myself and see if it improves my breathing (and life). Hope this helps some of you.

Good luck

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before you try any of these methods check with your Doctor that they are not going to make your condition worse. ive had severe Asthma for 37 years, Was taught this type of breathing when i was a child to stop hyperventilating not to stop Asthma attacks!

Hello Cyrus, thanks for posting your message. Have you (or anyone else on this forum) tried any of the following methods for improving your asthma and, in my opinion, life in general:


I have found them all to be extremely helpful and I highly recommend all of them! Yoga and meditation in particular are real stress-killers and have enhanced my life immeasurably.

I don't suffer but what a helpful post!

Shame we can't give rep any more.

Thanks for the heads up

Hmm dont see how this helps with the triggers?Breathing exercises wont reduce the inflammation
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