Hoping for some advice to do with advertising a small business, please?

    Hi all.

    OH has recently opened a small shop repairing PC's, laptops and mobile phones.

    It is in a good position, location wise as it is situated in East London near 2 train stations (1 is a very large, busy station with a large bus station) and is a few hundred yards from the town centre and large supermarket.

    The problem with the location is that the actual shop itself is located just on a side road so is not really visible from the main road.
    I think that this is the main reason why the shop has not been nearly as busy as it should be for the area.

    Being our first business, from scratch, we haven't really got any experience as what to do with advertising. The shop is on (hard to find on there, though) and he advertises on Gumtree daily. He distributed leaflets door-to-door but not much has come of that.

    Really hoping some of you kind HUKD'ers could give us some pointers as to what we could do to try and make the shop more well known in the area. Can't afford to spend out loads and want to aim for local advertising.

    OH also wants a basic website set up, could anyone give us an idea in terms of cost and how to find someone to do it.

    I would REALLY appreciate any advice you can offer, thanks


    Maybe an A Board out on the main road pointing out the shop and what it does etc.

    And personally a website is a must and you can do it yourself if you search around the internet for a good software package/templates and find a hosting co.

    doing your own website, its pretty easy. There are many websites like and others that will allow to set up your own website really easy.

    once your site is up get it to link to google. Advertise in local paper. Do flyer drop offs to local business' and residents. Offer and introductry discount. This will get people through the door and then word of mouth advertising will start!

    All the best with the business

    Original Poster

    Thanks both of you, have to rush out now to pick up my kiddies so will be back online later :thumbsup:

    go stand the on the end of the street with a board / flyers and nudge people that way ...... do a special offer for new customers etc

    Just thinking about the website i assume that your OH does repaires for all sorts does he do them for companies that do web design? if so can you offer to do work on the computers for the return of a website. If not just approach a local company that does do it and offer the service for the website then ask if they can pass on your details to the people they work with for some more computer maintance work.

    Maybe offer a pick up and drop off service, as you rely on people being able to bring a PC or laptop to the shop which is not always easy for some people, offer a small charge for this service.

    Another option is to have a tech savy person stand on the corner at busy times who can offer advice to passers by about problems they may have with PC, Laptop and phones. If they come across as knowing what they are on about the person may think, I'll bring my PC/laptop/phone down and get it sorted there.

    Local Newspaper advertising is a good advertising medium for local people but is expensive, perhaps you could approach the local newspaper offering a prize for a competition or something relevant to the business, or how about a small advert offering a free PC health check. This way you will get a lot of people through the door and hopefully it will generate some business. It will at the very least your the name out there!

    Original Poster

    Thanks all so far.- some excellent ideas and PM's.

    Going to look into everything and discuss with OH our plan of action :thumbsup:

    Looking forward to some more input, too!


    Thanks all so far.- some excellent ideas and PM's.Going to look into … Thanks all so far.- some excellent ideas and PM's.Going to look into everything and discuss with OH our plan of action :thumbsup:Looking forward to some more input, too!

    PM'd you earlier? hope you got it :thumbsup:
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