Hoping someone can help me out on this.

    Hi, basically im on here for a member of a site i go on for football manager 2010 and the person has asked the following question on the site as he cant get the game to work, and i know there is alot of people on here that could maybe help out.

    This is what he wrote in the OP.

    Hello peeps,

    I'm fairly new to FM-base but not new to FM itself. I've been playing the game for many many years and i've just recently bought a Acer Aspire One.

    Netbook Spec:…One

    I've got Ubuntu installed on it as the operating system. Im wondering if I installed FM2010 on this via a USB CD/DVD drive would the game work ok on the netbook?

    Any feedback would help, I may look at adding some more RAM into the netbook if I need to.

    Then he has added one last bit at the end of the page which is

    So far i've:-
    1. used winetricks to install directx9 and other essential software that the games needs to run.
    I've used the Terminal window to install the name via typing "Wine "file path"/setup.exe"

    But when I do this it says some essential data is missing and im not sure what data i havent installed, I've installed directx9, dotnet1 and dotnet2, all fonts and codecs.

    Does anyone have any idea what he could do to get the game to work.

    Sorry if the post is limited if u need more info ill ask him.

    Thanks alot


    Original Poster Banned

    Sorry The Person Has Signed Up Himself And Asked The Question. Please Ignore This, I Will Expire And Spam Meself.

    have replied in other thread....
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