Hopping Mad just got off the phone to E2save chequback number

    ordered my phone 26th August 2006 got it on 30th august first bill arrived from virgin September 10th dated the 3rd september so i make it my 4 th bill was December 3rd right nope not according to e2save chequeback, my 4th bill was november 3 , i think i have lost the ability to count here

    so who is right ? or am i right and i should just send in the redemption stuff anyway.

    and another thing the website and the telephone information both give out the Wednesbury address but the chequeback stuff has to go to Dunstable when i pointed out this he said there was a redirection on that mail anyway

    i better get my cashback, nowhere does it say that the 4th month of contract bill it says 4 monthly bill any reasonable person would take this to mean 4th bill well peed off

    i guess you guys have heard this all before, i'm gonna phone carphone warehouse and check that they are the one ive to send my bill to


    I dunno about Virgin but on O2 it clearly states which number bill it is.

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    i think he's flanneling me, a lot of poo he's talking, he's making out because i took out the contract on August (or ordered it on 26th August) think i got the phone on the 30th or 31st the 4th month from that would be November and that's the bill i should have sent.

    I'm getting worried because the website and telephone info both said novermbers bill too

    I think november is right.

    You got your phone in August. You got billed in September but that bill will have been a back dated bill which includes calls from august....August 1st month, September 2nd month October 3rd month November 4th month....

    I hope you get your cashback, if they have said 4 monthly bills and not bill from the 4th month then you should be ok...Its all in the wording.

    If you login to your account, on the e2save website it tells you which bill to send in, quite explicitly. My contract started early november, like the 3rd or summat. On my e2save account, i am advised to send:

    Feb 07,
    Jun 07,
    Nov 07.

    I suggest you login to your e2save account, you'll need your e2save order number, and either your email address or your telephone number. Login and see what it says there.

    Good luck and let us know what ya find

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    yeah boydent i have logged in m8, the problem is that A) when i bought/ordered the phone, ordered 26th recieved it 30th August and B) when my first bill came, it came in september dated 3 sep are in 2 different months

    so i am on my 4th bill dated 3 December.

    i think itis the wording4th monthly bill the more i look at this the more it looks like it could mean monthly is the key word not the 4th bill

    god my head hurts

    the thing is how can November possibly be my 4th monthly bill when its only my 3rd bill :confused:

    Hmm, i'm gonna be in the same situation then :-(
    Ok, do you have all your bills, printed and in hand? Cos normall the 1st bill is for a full month, and a small bit for a partial month. For example, my first bill was for £35.09, £30 for the forthcoming full month, and £5.09 for the partial month just passed.

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    i have sent mine away special delivery (im almost hoping they dont get it so i can claim off of royal mail :whistling:) cost me a fiver :shock:

    I think the thing you need to check is how many days within production of bill you have to claim. With Carphone Warehouse for my cheque back it says you have 60 days. If yours is the same it shouldn't matter if its the Nov bill you will still be within the 60 days
    Good luck.....

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    nah unfortunatley its 30 days with E2save Gari189 and since my bill invoice date is the November the 3rd that means it would be to late.

    if im wrong which is looking likelyand its the bill which comes in the 4th month like the guy from E2Save said ! then as i ordered on saturday 26th august my fourth month of this contract would indeed be November.

    its playing with words but hey hoe, will see what happens sent my dec 3rd bill in anyway so i'll see what happens

    I order my phone on 26th August, but didn't get it until early September.

    I've got to send my Decmber bill in according to the E2save website.


    Hmm, i'm gonna be in the same situation then :-(Ok, do you have all your … Hmm, i'm gonna be in the same situation then :-(Ok, do you have all your bills, printed and in hand? Cos normall the 1st bill is for a full month, and a small bit for a partial month. For example, my first bill was for £35.09, £30 for the forthcoming full month, and £5.09 for the partial month just passed.

    Have to agree with above post.
    Your 1st bill usually has a bit extra to round of the bill, so as above it will show a bit of end of August and the full payment for September.So your 4th bill will/should be December.Here is how i've worked it out but could be wrong as never used Virgin but Orange have usually done this.
    1st Bill- Arrival (1st week of sept)Payment for End of August & Advance for September
    2nd Bill - Arrival(1st week of October) Advance for October
    3rd Bill - Arrival (1st week of November) Advance for November
    4th Bill - Arrival(1st week of December) Advance for December

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    also when the text you to say they have recieved your claim they tell you it will be 30 days before you get your answer so no time to send in another bill if you get it wrong what with their 30 day limit on claims

    Also got refused my my first cashback, letter said that i sent in wrong monthly bill, also says my claim has been assessed twice once by their processors and once by their appeals team to ensure that we have treated application fairly.

    We kindly ask that all future applications you submit be the correct monthly bill. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for purchasing from sounds like FU to me

    Snake Novembers bill was the correct bill for me, it's the month you sign up or recieve the phone they seem to go by, best sticking with what they say on their website, it tells you what bills to send in wish i had done that

    and another thing seems they like sending phones out to people at the end of the month nice tactic
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