Horn not working on late 1999 Zafira

Found 4th Jun 2009
My sisters horn has stopped working on her Zafira and its due an MOT soon. She had someone look at the wiring and they couldnt see anything so said it looks like she will have to take it into dealer for diagnostics test.

Just wondered if anyone has had same problem - think the airbag also has error about same time incase its related? Just to save some cash ont he diagnostics test as local garage had a tool but doesnt cover that makemodel of Zafira

Cheers for any adviceinfo!
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It might be a blown fuse
Her other half and the local garage checked fuse and other basic stuff but couldnt see anything obvious. They said it would need the diagnostics test or dealer knowledge they thought.
My horn wasnt working on my clio but we changed the horn and now it works, I think the wiring was fine it was just that the horn did not work. Hope that helps!! :thumbsup:
just google how to fix a horn on a Zaffira car it comes up with a few suggestions

I would go first though with the fuses.....always start there

good luck:thumbsup:
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