Hornswoggle - WWE Ruthless Agression Series 35 - Any Deals?


    i've been hunting online for this wwe figure for a week now,
    the only price i've been able to find is on Amazon @ £22.99..

    this in my taking the biscuit!!!
    the rest of the wwe 35 series are priced @£4.99 in my local toy store..

    has anyone found it for alot cheaper??
    also would be intrested in finding another wwe figure called 'Finley'




    Isnt Hornswaggle the midget??

    should be half price

    Original Poster

    lol...he is indeed....

    don't know why it is so much from amazon. at that price you'd be better getting it from the states.

    i suggest going to your local store and asking them to order it in their next batch. i got him from a shop called "toy town" in harrogate and he was priced the same as the rest.

    could always try ebay.....

    Hi was just looking for wwe wallpaper borders and noticed your post on hot uk deals , I do,nt know if you have found a hornswoggle yet but i refused to pay that sort of price for him also , however i checked out a website that was on the back of one of his mags i fund a triple set of figures hornswoggle,edge and rey mysterio for 27.99 plus free postage i considered this to be a pretty good deal considering the 20 pound plus been asked on other sites.......hope this helps and good luck .

    Okay this proce is shocking.
    I was at a WWE show in Scotland this year and they where selling figures.
    funny thing is... Hornswoggle is the most expensive figure. He's £2 - £4 dearer than the others. The shop didn't half see all these parents turning up with kids.
    Anyways, I think the figure was £16

    Have you tried Argos because i got one from there for £3.05 in the 25% off sale but they will have gone back up
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