Horrible colour problem with monitor

    Ok so, I have a pretty horrible problem with my monitor (HannsG 28").
    Following using the monitor and switching it off, it must be powered down for roughly 30 minutes before I can use it again. If it only used briefly (one minute or so) you will be able to switch off and on again without issue. However if you use it for any longer, upon switching it off and on you are presented with a pure white screen or a mash of colour.

    As I'm sure you can imagine this makes using the screen fairly annoying and upon installing a program or update which requires a restart.

    Firstly, any ideas what's wrong with it? I have had it replaced under warranty and it does exactly the same. They claim however it's not a common fault and should not happen again. Incidentally, it is still under warranty (onsite) but they say they have no stock for now so want to repair.
    Secondly, it seems to me it may well happen again, I know its a long shot, but any chance of a refund? I dont want a better monitor, I just want one which works.

    Any ideas?



    Could it be a problem with your graphics card? Just throwing ideas out there..

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    No, Initially I thought so but I run a mutlti monitor setup, the smaller one will function perfectly happy otherwise. I plug it in when the main one is... cooling off :thinking:


    I would seek a refund if this is your second one. Not much you can do or troubleshoot with monitors once you've ascertained it is the monitor that is at fault.

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    Hah, I have actually tried to use that to cool it down.

    Not sure if it made any difference and without knowing which bit is the weak link...

    I was hoping someone with a little more knowledge of the inner workings might be able to say oh yes its a problem with the such and such!

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    google the model number, see if anything comes up

    Thanks, Originally searched for the previous issue which was colours, didnt find anything but for white screen I did.

    If nothing wrong with the "on"/"off" switch, then must be the "switch-mode-power-supply"/"CCFL inverter supply" circuit card inside of unit. Look for a possible "thermally intermittant solder connection" and then resolder it. Also, inspect unit for possible "swollen" electrolytic filter capacitors on power supply board.

    Well thats nothing I am confident doing.

    As for a refund, It was originally purchased from Amazon UK in 2008. Who is responsible? they told me to contact hannsg/repairtech last time


    tbh, it seems clear its a pc problem as very much doubt two monitors would exhibit the same fault.

    try it on another pc to verify

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    Thanks for the help all, amazon have offered to deal with the problem. I love their customer service. Not sure what to go for, the HannsG seems to have been discontinued and I cant afford one of the high end Dell or similar maybe a TV... Thanks anyway
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