Horrible Science Books and Games Wanted

Found 3rd Nov 2006
Anyone know where I can get these at a reasonable price


The Book People have a set of 10 for £12.99 and have a set of Horrible Geography for the same price! Hope that helps you out......

Yeah i bought the Horrible Science set for a tenner through The Book People for my teacher missus, but that was thorugh one of their fairs they have on the road. They are often slightly cheaper there than on the web, but it's a question of finding if one is going to happen near you anytime soon. I can pretty much guarantee you won't find it cheaper and they're fantastic for the kids. Not sure, but the may have a list on their website of fairs near you. [url]www.thebookpeople.co.uk[/url]

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Bought at Bookpeople £12-99
Daughter will be happy

Horrible History 10 books £12.99
Horrible Science 10 books £12.99
Horrible Geography 10 books £12.99

All from ]http//ww….uk

Just to let anyone else know that may want these!

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