Found 6th Jan 2010
What would you say is distinctive about the horror of them?

weird question i know



Darkness, suspense, soundtrack.

The gore content... blood guts snot

The random farting

What's distinctive about the horror in games as opposed to other mediums? Given how few horror games there are you may have trouble answering that. An obvious thing would be the interactivity though.

That you are in control of the character that is being attacked or fighting or fleeing for there life, which in turn takes it to a new level of immersion.

Also whats around the next corner, in a game you can sometimes tell by the music and the setup of the level that something is around the next corner, imagine that in real life that you felt something was around the corner, you would be cautious and wary, same in the game, you would ease your character around the corner slowly like you would do yourself.
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