Horse & carriage ride in Central Park, New York

Found 2nd Oct 2017
Hi. Can anyone recommend a cheap and reliable way to book a horse & carriage ride in Central Park, New York for later this month please? Booking from UK as a gift. Have checked Trip Advisor but not sure how reliable it is. Hopefully some of you have done it and would be happy to share your experiences. Many thanks in advance.
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The prices are set by the city. Everyone charges the same rate for the same time frame (20 minute ride for $54). Just be aware that on all websites the booking terms and conditions say up to 20 minutes, so if you horse gallops round in 14 minutes you can't argue for an extra 6 minute ride.
Seems to be 4-6 companies offering the same service for the same price, unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a cheaper way of doing it, my suggestion would be look at the reviews of each company and any animal welfare concerns that might have been raised.
Looking at different reviews the concensus is not to upgrade to a photo package
Manhattan and cheap Are not too words that go together
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