Found 2nd Jul 2009
I'm looking for a connector to attach our hose to our kitchen sink mixer tap - is this possible do you know?

We don't have an outside tap at the moment and it would be really handy to be able to fit it on to the kitchen gap if possible.

Any advice gratefully received, thanks.

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wilkos sell them not sure how much tho :thumbsup:

depends on the type of mixer tap but you may be lucky

I have a mixer tap and I take off top mixer bit (the taps) and attach a screw on hose attachment to the screw on base bit.....does that make

if your tap is round outlet - one of these should do it - wilkos - asda etc - £1 or less

if its square you can buy hoselock one - ££!!

If you can't find one you could always fit one of the connectors shown below where your washing machine is. Or just disconect the washer each time you want to use the hosepipe.…tml

I bought one myself from the same people a few months ago, and it's great. I use it on the bathroom tap, and although it takes a good few uses until you suss out how best to attach it, once you've worked it out, you can set the tap pretty much to full. Definitely recomended.…tml

We got an outdoor tap fitted last year & it's so much more convenient than when we had to put the hose through the kitchen window & fit it to the mixer tap.
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