hoseasons holiday £0.00

    can anyone help how i stand legally with hoseasons, here's whats happened...

    i booked a holiday that was showing "total cost of holiday £0.00". the booking went through with balance to pay £0.00 and i was e-mailed confirmation of this holiday, on the phone hoseasons said they didn't know what i was talking about and just kept on and wanted me to pay the full price for the holiday.

    am i entitled to this for free or can hoseasons change the price

    sorry if posting in the wrong forum, not sure where to put it.



    Did you receive a confirmation email?

    Welcome here

    I think you'll need to talk this one through with the Citizens Advice Bureau - generally, you're in a binding contract if you've paid for a service & they've taken your money, but as no money changed hands it's really down to the interpretation of events & Hoseason's terms and conditions. Also taken into account will be whether or not both parties acted in good faith (i.e. did you honestly believe that the cost of the holiday was nothing? Did you have to do anything to get it for free e.g. a competition? Was it an honest mistake by Hoseasons?)

    There's too many variables. You might try to brazen it out with them & accept the holiday but at a discounted price - that way you get a cheap holiday & they get some money.
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