Hi Guys I am looking for hosting for my sons website he is starting to build on dreamweaver, I have read many reviews and comments and am honestly getting more confused. His site will have games and reviews, video content etc and maybe a chat room if we can get is supervised. I have seen so many packages but am a bit worried about what happens if the site gets too big. I am not after the cheapest although that would be nice, but the most reasonable accepting an increase s in traffic if he is lucky enough to grow it. He has so much involvements in other sites and organizations so it would be nice to see him grow his own site, yet I am totally confused and would appreciate any recommendations on hosting companies, I looked at the UK best 10 on google, but am still confused on the increased traffic thing and how much space he will need?

    many amny thanks


    I wouldnt worry too much about it as they will warn you when you are approaching your limit. Most allow you to just change the plan to accomodate the extra traffic. If cost is the issue and it does acheive a lot of hits then look at a bit of marketing on the site to help with the running costs. Click throughs do not make a fortune but they do give a little income. is the website I use to host my website.
    I find them very easy to use, and even with the most basic package (that I have) you get so many free tools to help you keep on eye on your website statistics as well as input different things into your website (such as counters, photo albums and other widgets)
    I initially just bought a domain from them (the website address) which was also an extremely good price ( £0.99 per year)
    Have a look, you may find your ideal package on there.

    p.s I have been using my website for 8 months and have used 2% of my data usage
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