HOT DEAL Robbie Keane £20million free p&p

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Found 18th Jul 2008
Liverpool are considering buying Robbie Keane from Spurs for 20mil
Thats got to be the deal of the century!
(for Spurs)

I support spurs but think Keane spends more time moaning at his teammates than he does getting into good positions.
His a decent player but spurs could spend the 20mil on a far better player.

So adios Keano!


you must be joking right?? he is a true spur gives 100% time after time if he dont moan @ certain times then the players wont buck there idea's up, so to move our club forward and into the BIG 4 you see selling keane and berbatov and buying some player who has not proven him self in the prem as a good idea?? ask your self this is keane is as bad as you say so why do liverpool want him ??

ssh! it's not going to happen!!!

the sunderland rumours are pretty strange too...

it's like spurs players are the must have players atm =-)

i cant see how sunderland could even afford all them 4 players but i would rather TT and steed didnt leave berba can jog on i dont care but keano now that would bother me

If you listen to the media Ramos wants to get rid of the whole team, why come if you don't rate any of the players. I personally hope we keep Keane and Berbatov and bring in some new players too. The supposed 4 going to Sunderland is a good idea, don't rate any of them

not even steed or TT ???

Hmmmmmmmmmm ok maybe keep Malbranque


At the start of the season, it would have been a travesty to sell Berbatov. Things change and if Spurs get £28M then I have no real issues. He is a great player, but a very bad attitude. What Keane lacks in ability he more than makes up with in industry. It would be sad to see him go - but £20M is a lot of dosh too!

However (and this is where it gets silly), when you have the cash, purchases also seen to escalate to silly levels. Darren Bent at £16.5M is a classic example.

There is no point selling unless you can get decent replacements without paying more - unless its an improvement.

Spurs need to bolster the defence and midfield.
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