Hot Hot Holiday in October...WANTED!!!!

    Just got the chance of 10days holiday in october and fancy a break in the caribbean.

    Not to keen on Dom Republic but will give anywhere else a chance.

    Budget will only stretch to around £ 3000.00 give or take a couple of hundred

    Me the wife and two girls aged 6 and 4.

    all inclusive is what I have been looking for.

    Cannot seem to find anywhere half decent (ie. 4*) for this amount of money.

    Anyone been recently somewhere they can recommend within this budget?

    Would love to hear your ideas and replies as need to get something booked.

    I had though about walking in travel agents about a week before and seeing what they can offer, but with two young girls I dont want to chance it really.

    many thanks in advance everyone.

    Jas, Sarah, Mia & Scarlett


    Have you thought of's stunning and relatively cheap compared to most Caribbean islands.…362

    Original Poster

    Not really but will check it out......many thanks

    Margarita Island :-D £3000 budget for a holiday! :w00t: Good for you. No credit crunch here!! :whistling:

    why not dom rep? take a look at the iberostar punta cana, honest to god it is paradise. me and oh stayed for 2 weeks last september and booked a standard room through 1st choice and when i got there i slipped the reception dude 20 dollars and he upgraded us to 1 of the honeymoon suites for our 2 week stay. you really cant go wrong in that hotel, take a look

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    I'd been looking at Portland and Thompson to go to a superfamily hotel in the kids Holidays for 14days and your looking at £2700 self catering for the good ones!!!!!

    so a budget of £ 3000 all inclusive for 10days in the Caribbean is conservative I thought:roll:

    Would rather have a good all inclusive then spend a fortune eating out breakfast dinner and tea.

    Just want a relaxing break in the sea and round the pool rather than yomping about going on trips etc.

    All your advice is really going on board...........will be having a pow wow with the OH later..

    With regards to Tour Operators I like to stick to First Choice, find they are the best price with very good service unlike some of the others.

    I know that doesn't help much but just my two cents, I dont even bother searching package holidays with Thomas Cook, Thompson etc.. Although am flying Virgin for the first time soon!

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    Just checked Trip adviser on the Dom Rep hotel..................very mixed reviews........nothing to see in water as motor boat highway off the beach clouded up the water all day. Lots of other niggles but nothing major...

    alot of people on the review kept recommending Cuba which is what I will be looking at I think

    What about Florida - careful planning should see you around the £2,000 mark with plenty left over for food and drink ?

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    Good point about Florida but we plan to go there in about a years time (for our 40th's)

    Suppose I could go and not do Disney, which is the big expense.

    £2000 sounds cheap though for a family of 4.....where was you thinking for accomodation?


    The last time I went I stayed in the Radisson for £23 a night so a fortnight could still come in quite cheap. The key is booking the flights at the right price, You should be able to get the flights for between £3 - 400 per person so then it is getting your accomodation on top of that.

    Check out the site to give you an idea of accomodation prices - can get a 4 star hotel for £250 for 7 nights - so i'd reckon get 10 nights for comfortably under £400.

    Just checked and travelox have flights advertised for £409 per person when leaving from Gatwick on the 12th October - obviously a good bit of scouting around could bring that down

    travel republic have a 20% discount sale on at the moment, use the voucher code of august to get a futher 5% off. better hurry finishersat midnight tonight
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