HOT Hugh Jackman!

    reasons why Hugh is so hot!
    no: 1: he looks fab without a top on

    see how long we can keep this going.


    No.2: He looks equally as fab with his top on

    Original Poster

    no: 3: he is tall


    no.4 he looks hot when lit on fire

    no.5 he's hot when thrown in burning tar

    Original Poster

    no no no.....i ment hot as in sexy, not hot on fire! are you boys a bit green eyed?

    look alikes please stand up:thinking:

    no. 6. he has metal blades that come out of his fists.

    no 7,his wolverine hair looks like you have been running your hands through it

    no 8. He looks like the bloke from Big Brother lol

    no 9 cos his voice is so sexy

    10: Hung like a prize stallion


    10: Hung like a prize stallion

    pics or your lying

    no. 11 because last night was amazing.... haha...i wish!!
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