Hot Laptop

    Hi, is there anything wrong with my laptop?
    If I have been using it for a few hours it gets very hot, is this normal?


    yep, although you can get sumat to keep it cool, knt memba wat tho

    Is this a new or old laptop Skusey?

    Has it always got hot, or is it just recently you have noticed the heat?

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    Its 18 months old, HP laptop.
    I think it has always got quite hot although my niece spends hours on MSN (lol).
    Do you think I should shut it down for a while when it gets hot??

    Make sure its properly ventilated.. check the fans.. make sure they arnt tooo dusty etc

    It should be able to cope, have you got any software that monitor the temperatures inside your laptop and also how fast the fans are running?

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    the fans come on occaisionally, is there software available?

    Had a quick look for some windows software and stumbled upon ]this.
    It looks a bit ugly but seems to provide the right information you'll want. Look for similar alternatives if you want. I only chose one that seemed to have a good review.
    Give it a run and report your temperatures here so we can see if it will be causing your laptop any damage.

    be careful especially if your a bloke because it will cook your nuts and your baby jelly will become fruitless
    stay safe man wear a lifejacket
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