hot or cold

    How come when i click the button to add some heat it only goes up by one digit or at times none. Is that the amount of heat you are allowed to give.


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    Sorry i am kinda new

    Well you havent got an power in your voting as your havent been repped enough e.g look at my rep bar the coloured shapes my voting warms up by 9 degrees or chills is by 9 degrees

    To get rep you need to post successful deals or cuss and abuses the mods :-D but it takes a while

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    oh alright thank you, how do i give you rep.

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    yep repped you thanks

    The other reason it not altering it could be because while you are voting someone else could be voting the other way cancelling each other out

    yup - I think as a new member with no rep it should still go up or down by 1 so it's likely that someone else is voting while you were viewing the page.

    You can test this by voting on a really old deal that no-one else will be looking at - it should increase by 1, as your rep increases so does your voting power.

    welcome onboard by the way

    Some helpful threads in my sig ]gaffa.786
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