Hot UK Deal NOT!!!!

Have you seen the news
BWOC garage in Exeter was charging £1.99 a litre for fuel.
Profiteering at its worst.
It has apparently now dropped prices back below £1.30.

I hope customers remember this in the future ...........



lol god bless the free market and democracy, god save the queen

Apparently he was doing it because it was the only way to keep fuel for his regulars.

If the garage is charging the regulars this silly price I hope they all use another fuel station when normal supply returns...

Supply and Demand.

Happened during the last blockades at a garage near me in Derby. The Businessis now

its just a taste of what to expect in the next 3 months!
geezus someone invent a car that runs on air!

i live a couple miles away from that station

Government should invest more into cheaper hydrogen cars!
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