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    Hi all

    It is the champions league next week so i thought i would start a fantasy football league

    Normal rules apply if u have done fantasy football before its the same rules as any other.

    the link to join is in the next post and the code to join the league is

    Your league code is : 20118-4870

    any questions PM me


    great idea added wengers wonders

    Original Poster

    Bump for the morning crowd

    cool have joined

    Original Poster

    quick reminder for the lunch crowd

    I think you are wasting your time tbh, certain people on here have ruined any football threads with the pathetic arguing (just like most posts in misc actually). There are very few football 'fans' on here these days and football threads get very few replies (as you can see)
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    just a quick reminder

    not a good turn out eh! a whopping 6 of us

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    come on guys lets see if we can make it upto atleast 10 of us

    Hi all, sorry if i am late to join but missed this thread previously. I will understand if you would rather I didn't join at this point given my current placing. But if it counts, I am in the HUKD FPL leaguues and "won" the World Cup HUKD League.

    PS Also in Europa League if anyone is interested/mad/sad/bored (delete as appropriate).
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