Hot UK Deals on the radio tonight !

Was listening to Talksport on the drive home from work, and at about 5.15pm, they were doing an article about Threshers vouchers for 40% off getting out into the wild.

He gave a couple of websites where thay rae available from, and the 2nd one was

Might generate a few new members.


Wow!! Nice - any publicity is good publicity!!

Thanks for letting us know about that Bobbajob I expect the first was MSE?


I too heard this on the radio on the way home - and it not just on talk sport. A few mins later it was on commercial radio, so maybe it will get to bbc news @9 - ok, so thats a tad unlikely, but maybe it will be in the papers.

These vouchers were (if I heard it right) intended for staff and friends & family. The radio said that the vouchers would be honoured - lets see if they stick by it if hype goes into over-drive!

There was a report about it one the news, not sure if it was local or national though. Pretty sure it was national:thinking:

i cant get the hang of MSE like i had a look and its soooo jumbled..far to much on the pages..i much prefer this site...i doubt ill even visit it again... dunno how anyone finds anything on there

Ouch that explains the site slowdown and record day today! Nice to hear though! You're all famous :P

HotDeals.Com Nearly right! Thanks for the link issking ;-)

The Times

Online bargain hunters are also congregating online to share news of the … Online bargain hunters are also congregating online to share news of the best bargains at sites such as ], which carries news of deals on products ranging from Dyson vacuum cleaners to Microsoft Xbox games consoles.

:-D:-D:-DShame they got the web address wrong, it could have really ramped up traffic to the site to have been mentioned in The Times.

hopefully it might make more companies think twice about not honouring deals like pink e900 as its all good advertising for them

Also, rather randomly, in the b3ta newsletter!…56/

(May offend some more sensitive viewers)

No wonder the "most users" ever was over 2700 last night.
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