Hot water tank leaking

Posted 21st Oct 2020
Hi all,

Appreciate there are dedicated forums for this type of question, but I find the discussions and help here are useful so here goes...

we've just moved into a house and I've noticed a leak in the cupboard where the hot water tank is. The newly fitted carpet is wet through and I'm now collecting the drops into a container at approximately 300ml per 10 hours.

Pictured is where the leak is coming from, you can see the pipework has a fair bit of residue on it. Is this likely to be as simple as a leaking joint? What is that thing on the top of the pipework, looks like some kind of pressure release vessel? I can't quite tell yet if the leak is from the top part or further down the pipework - I haven't disturbed it too much in case it starts leaking more.

It's a traditional gravity fed system. The boiler itself is relatively new.

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