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Posted 12th Dec 2019Edited by:"Joe_Brown"

I've made a booking on hub by premier inn at the non flex rate (so payment taken when the bookings made and non refundable). That was 3 days ago and the money hasn't been taken out of my account. Should I call them or the payment is taken later on?

EDIT : I Forgot to say that I have received a confirmation email saying the room is booked.
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Is it showing as a pending transaction or is you bank holding back on the amount, its not showing as clearing from your bank but the amount is being held back
It is not pending. There's no sign of it. I've made other bookings with premier inn the same day and the money was taken out.
Hotel payments can take longer, my credit card payments for hotels usualy take 3 days to process.... why just not ring your card provider to check?
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