Hotel-booking websites: recommendations?

    I need to book a hotel and I've seen that the price for the hotel I'm interested in is cheaper on than it would be booking directly (I checked with the hotel and they won't match the price)... does anybody have any experience of booking a hotel through expedia? I know that they're ok for flights (usually), and have found plenty of reviews by people who have booked flights through them, but not so much for hotels.

    The thing which makes me suspicious is that they charge the full amount up-front but say that they don't guarantee what kind of room you will actually get or whether any of your preferences will be honoured by the hotel...


    when we went to ireland in june, we used bookassist, they charged 10% deposit then we paid the rest on departure of the hotel hth

    Quidco with Expedia too...

    Hotel rooms are a bit of a 'mare really. Funnily enough I was just booking one this morning which was going to be £75 - and it was the same on LastMinute, Expedia, etc etc - and then I did a Google search for the hotel itself and found a link on the chain's parent company website which had a special offer of the same room for £59.

    It's luck of the draw combined with hunting around!
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