Hotel for anniversary

    Can anyone recommend or suggest a good hotel for our anniversary?
    no more than £150 for the both of us for 1 night if poss.
    most lux one there is with jacuzzi, spa etc if poss. (maybe wedding suite??)
    was looking for around the Lake district, but will consider anywhere.
    need it for Oct 1st.




    The Macdonald hotel chain have only top class hotels (they are the chain that the premiership footballers book in to when they play away games).

    Most of their hotels have a spa, swimming pool. Many rooms have jacuzzi baths. There rooms tend to be around the £120 mark, but check the website. The Old England on the Windermere lake has excellent views. I do like the Swan at Grassmere though

    If you use a Macdonald Hotel you can also use Tesco clubcard vouchers!

    Original Poster

    thanks I'll take a look


    Oh yeah forgot about clubcard vouchers, thought about it... then forgot, old age creeps up on you.....aaaarrrgghh!! :prop:

    There are some lovely hotels in the Lake District. Castle Green hotel in Kendal is really nice, they have some nice junior suites, stayed there a few times when been in Lake District on business. The Lakeside Hotel by Lake Windermere is another lovely hotel in the area

    i have the best hotel ever, it is called 21 the lakes and is stunning, we stayed their for our wedding anniversary and i have just reccommeded it to my colleague and he thought it was wow. you can choose either contemporary or 4 poster bedrooms, about 10 to choose from and the majority have indoor jackuzi or even hot tubs on the balcony they also have another hotel which is more themed like austin powers room etc have a look on the website i think [url][/url] or google it, :thumbsup:

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    Keli, pm'd ya thx

    Try [url][/url] - if you find your hotel cheaper elsewhere online they refund you the difference and give you £100. PLEASE NOTE T&C must match for the refund to be activated.

    Dont worry tho as londontown allow no cost cancellation on most hotels, so if you dont qualify for the refund you can always cancel.
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