Hotel in Amsterdam

    Where would be a good place to look for central hotels in amsterdam for cheap? or does anyone know of any hotels? thanks


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    This site is really good

    try these websites:

    Expedia has probably the widest range of hotels though rates are not competitive, normally. Once you narrow down your choice, you can call the hotel directly to beat the prices on search engines. More often, they would be obliged to beat it becaue the search engines charge them hefty commissions.

    Finally, dont forget to check the reviews of the hotel on tripadvisor to avoid any horrible scenario.

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    hi have been a few times now and have used as the don't usually charge for hotel until you get there.
    Avoid the Abba Hotel at all costs,cheap but not stuck here after missing a flight :-(
    The Terminus Hotel is 2mins from central station and really quite nice for a hotel in Amsterdam, unless you can afford to stay in the Hilton or something:-D
    Nowadays most decent hotel are pricey.first time i went 4yr ago it was probably £300 for a week but last year it cost about £450 for 4 nights.
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