Hotel Jupiter Alcudia - Help and advice please x

Found 4th Oct 2008
Hi all.... need your help. We are soon to be going away to the Hotel Jupiter in Majorca. On lots of review sites this hotel has been slated by the majority, complaining of sickness (food poisoning and chriptospiridium). These are very serious allegations and I have today written to our tour operator advising that if they know of a problem and continue to send us there we will request a full refund if affected in the same way.

Long letter, enclosed lots of reviews. I know there are good reviews too, we have been there before and know what the hotel and area are like.

I want to know.... Have any of you been recently, or know anyone who has been and had problems?

We are a party of 16, including children and pensioners and feel we simply can't risk going if it is as bad as the reviews say...

Thanks in advance x
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I was at the "club" complex in July/August with my wife and 12 year old son. The complex was busy, bustling, noisy but spotless and the food was excellent. We had reservations before going, but after having been there I would have no hesitation in returning or recommending.
Thanks, appreciate your comments. We were there 4 years ago and expect it to be busy. We are booked for the half term week, so are under no illusions!!

It is worrying, but as my sister said..... Thousands have been to this hotel and the reviews amount to about 25 parties. Most people must have been ok or the hotel would have been pulled. I had this 6 years ago, only a fortnight before going our hotel was withdrawn and we had to go to an entirely different place altogether.

Fingers crossed, am sure it will be fine :-s
went to majorca, in sept, stayed at the iberostar play de muro, lovely place,we past the Hotel Jupiter on transfers dropping the people off, have to say the height of the building is massive lol wouldnt like to be on the top floor, looked a nice place tho, got a nice lake round the complex
LOL...sorry, but this ones brings back memories for me. Its a complex I think comprised of 3 hotels Jupitor, Saturno and another one? Not sure but its a really nice part of Alcudia in the north and plenty for the kids to do and see. Loads upon loads for the adults to do, especially if you have a car then you can pretty much go anywhere on the island or even drive round it.

With regards to the food, well...just be careful what you eat, the majority of it is okay and no problems, but I got struck down with food poisoning for 3 days when I was there.....I wont go into details but the process well and truly cleaned me I thought I would have some cake and custard one night, the cake was fine, but the custard appeared to be a bit 'watery' shall we say...shortly after that it started and the rest as they say is history...apart from this I had a great time there....there is also a local farmer who does horse riding trips arranged from the complex which I think the kids would love, when I was there he had more than a dozen horses, ponies etc for kids and adults....but if you choose to go on this then please do NOT wear your best gear...its a farm remember....not a pristine white floored hotel...again I got caught out

I'm pretty sure you and your party will enjoy it, all I would say is make sure you have a good look at what you choose to eat from the buffet and hot plates. Have a good one!
I stayed in jupiter last october, the three hotels jupiter saturno and one other, form a complex, I went with my husband and 4 Kids and we loved it, plenty to do, food was great, drinks were the usual what you expect ok,Snacks were 24 hrs and the place was spotless, the only thing that let us down was the weather, but is was october, TIP- the swan pedellos are free before 11.30 after that you have to pay, I would defo go back but in the summer.

Oh and they give the children free armbands!
its the club marte the other of the 3
we went about 3 yrs ago,thought the food in the marte was better than the other 2 and you can eat in any one of the 3,entertainment was fab,had a great holiday and would def go back
Thanks for all your comments. We have been before, and really enjoyed it. Fingers crossed the sickness is no longer a problem!!!
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