Hotel Near Waterloo Station - Your Help needed

    Right, the Mrs has booked the Eurostar for this weekend to go to Lille and guess what?...I need your help!

    We need a hotel for Friday and Saturday and preferably 1 large bed, non rotating (no I'm serious, I get giddy :P ) within reasonable distance of Waterloo station.

    The borough of Westminster would be fine.


    Pst..thanks Rayman for being the first to respond...


    I live near waterloo and have a old lock up garage with a stained bed in the back (who says romance is dead lol)

    na seriously what you want to spend roughly just about 5/10 mins max theres a travel inn (it's near the elephant and castle there's also a travel lodge near vauxhall bridge):D hope that helps

    Travel in link….do (just look for london southwark)

    [url][/url] (look for vauxhall bridge)

    I fyou want sommat more classy then sos i cant help ya lol im a cheap and cheerfull type of bloke

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    Cheers Dub1! I'll try them both at lunch.

    The garage sounds good, I can park my car and sleep in it- fantastic!

    To answer your question- cheap as possible!

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    Premiertravelinn is £82.95 a night.

    Drop Jaw.

    £60 for tickets to go to all the way to Lille.

    £166 for the hotel.

    (I should have bought the tickets :-()

    lol ya mrs aint silly

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    Anyone know how to manipulate…tml

    try that if all else fails my garage can be turned into a love nest 4 u lol

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    Tried that but to no avail, didn't except £45 a night LOL

    1 good thing has come out of our search, Kings College London rent out rooms in the summer for £27 a night with ensuite.

    Now for sods law, the students aren't kicked out until the 29th June grrrrrr

    lol owell looks like your gonna have to splash the cash

    uiaman - Priceline should work for you. Try it again and bid for Kensington 4 star. You should get the Copthorne Tara for 40 pounds or maybe less. If you do get it it's only two minutes walk from Kensington High Street which is on the District line. You should be able to go back and review your bid, don't change the price of 45 pounds that you said you bid just add Kensington as an zone.

    I don't think you can make a new bid as it will recognize that you have started a bid already

    was just gonna say the same thing :? lol

    its my gf's birthday yes im gonna book a cheap hotel lol

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    Sounds good and I would try it but we need to be at Waterloo for 5.30 AM! I don't think the underground is working then.

    Night busses mate there very good at that time of the morning or even a local minicab firm would be easy enough

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    Just tried booking on priceline and was rejected twice! Grrr

    I suppose I can get my girlfriend to get her visa out! Get in.

    Everyones been such a great help, thanks!

    You could also check out I think you get 10 pounds back with Quidco on that too

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    Thanks again Dub1 and Admin!

    In the end we went without a hotel and it worked out well getting the train to blackfriars and walking accross the bridge at 5 in the morning...a bit surreal like '28 days' I guess as there was noone about and it made for some great pictures.

    Sore legs now though, ouch.

    I think one of the papers is running a deal on the eurostar (2 for 1) this week so I'll look out for it and post it in the forum like before. It cost us only £30 each and was well worth it. Lille just about has enough to do in a day...we were hanging around for the train in the end.
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