Hotel Pennsylvania in NYC - book now or wait to get a better deal? or try priceline again?????

    Hi All

    After a very very long search the Hotel Pennsylvania is the best deal I can find at 5 nights ro for £420
    The dilemma is do i book that now or do I wait and try my luck at priceline as I hear people getting 4* hotels for £70 per night. im visiting at the end of April, do you think the hotel rate will go lower the nearer the time or that I may lose out on that price
    If anyone beens to NYC and could give me some hints id be most grateful
    thanks in advance


    The Spring is a very popular time for visiting NYC so I doubt you will get it any cheaper. Have you tried Priceline yet? Have you tried Hotwire as well?

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    Hi Rotherhamlass

    Ive took the plunge and booked the Penn, for £420 for 5 nights ro in the middle of it all i cant complain (but i will if the room is bad!!!!!!!!) fingers crossed, tried priceline and didnt get anywhere, i bid upto £90 per night and nothing so just took the plunge as i was told april is a popular time and i could lose this price !!!!!!
    After i booked the hotel it went off the website for that period so im assuming i got the last room.Im just glad im sorted, in all im paying £376pp for 5 nights in new york staying in a central hotel with delta flights !!!!! :w00t::w00t::w00t:

    You will be really pleased with the location - right in the middle of the action!

    I am going in Feb to NYC and Philly. I booked the first night in NYC on Priceline for £55 plus tax but need to have another go for our further 2 nights later on. They are Fri and Sat night so will probably have to go a fair bit higher.

    Have a great time! Let me know if there is anything specific you want me to find out while I am there - I go on 11th Feb. ;-)

    this a great hotel. stayed there loads of times and really dont get a better deal than this. the hotel has been done up recently and is truely great. check to see whats on at the gardens and you may get to see a great band or the like for £30 and its just across the road!

    iv heard this hotel is getting building work done at the moment
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