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Found 24th May
MIL & FIL have a big anniversary in Aug 2019 and would like to take the entire family on holiday for a couple of weeks (yay!)

I’m looking to find a hotel that ticks the majority of the following boxes...

Europe (not inc any dodgy homophobic countries or war zones)
0-60 mins from airport
0-10 mins walk from sandy safe beach
Good All Inc provision
Enough on-site entertainment for kids aged 4, 10 & 14 - kids club would be good.
Big pool
Pool bars etc so older children can have a degree of independence getting their drinks etc
Flat-ish locale as the olds struggle a bit with hills and steps now
Shops and bars within 10-15 mins walk
Evening entertainment - nothing raucous but don’t want to have to venture out every night. Cabaret bar type would be fine.
Good transport links for days out - bus rather than taxi as there will be 9 of us.
Balconies or private outdoor space for sitting by rooms.

We went to Elba Carlotta in Fuerteventura a couple of years ago and that was great apart from sparse evening ents. Something similar to that with better evening ents would be ideal!

Would love some suggestions please.
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Having tries to do this kind of thing before, its bloody hard unless you have an area in mind.

Save yourself a few hours of you time and go see a highstreet travel agent and get them to make some suggestions.

We always book flights, hotels, villas, cars etc. separately but the last European holiday it was simpler to book via an agent as we had a few demands like yours and we spent hours and hours looking for something and couldn't make a decision.

An agent had three proposals on the table within 2 hours and they reserved them all for until we had picked one.
Sounds like exactly the type of holiday I avoid like the plague.

I made a mistake last year and learnt what an animation team was for the first time, Who ever thought of that needs a good slap, but all fixed by giving the head animator £50 to ensure we would never be bothered again, for the rest of the stay.
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