hotel required monday night 16th feb 2009

    hi all

    taking better half away for surprise trip to amida spa in twickenham on monday 16th feb 2009.

    looking for a hotel for that evening the postcode of the resort is tw2 5jd (twickenham)

    the nearer the better to the resort as will be getting taxi afterwards, tried to get on that hilton deal in the week but work pc is so slow they had all gone.

    2 adults for one night are the requirements, ideally could do with spending less than £80.




    Lots of Travelodge rooms nearby for that night, £19 or £29 for the rooms.

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    was hoping i could stretch past a travelodge

    the moran looks nice but on monday the 16th the room is £125 a night which is to much

    unless im missing something


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    any personal suggestions appreciated

    The Amida is not situated in the most salubrious part of Twickenham to say the least (borders Feltham/Hanworth/the rougher end of Hampton. The club itself is wonderful though.

    The nearest 'hotel' is a Premier Inn which is attached to a Beefeater pub called The Fountain. There is another Premier Inn that I wouldn't recommend on the A316 next to The Winning Post. Unfortunately the new Marriott at the stadium doesn't open until March.

    In Twickenham itself you have the Pope's Grotto but other than that I think you would have to look further afield to Richmond which would be good for dinner as loads of restaurants or out towards the airport or Holiday Inn at Shepperton or Flower Pot in Sunbury.

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    slightly concerned about area as a few have stated that

    thanks for your local knowledge, paid for spa now however so in a bit of a quandry about were to stay!

    Don't be overly concerned about the area, it's not really that bad and the club is very, very nice! It's just that there aren't any hotels in the area just Premier Inns and Travelodges.

    If you are planning to go out for dinner then I would perhaps go towards Richmond although that is going to be pricey.

    Alternatively you could go for the Sunbury Travelodge which is just over a year old and still very smart inside. Ask for a room that doesn't face the road though!

    You could then go into Lower Sunbury for a meal there are a couple of good Indians and a very good Chinese.

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    taxi from sunbury travel lodge to spa club roughly?

    thanks for all your advice btw

    It can't be very much, it's only a mile, 1.5 at the most and there are a couple of minicab companies not far from the spa. I haven't caught a cab in ages but I would say £5-6 at a guess.

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    thanks for all your help

    much appreciated

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    all booked up sunbury travel lodge will fax them in the morning to request a room that doesnt face the road

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