Hotel Room in Birmingham - Near NIA 15th Oct for 2 nights - with Sky Sports!

    Hi Everyone!

    Please could you help me in trying to find the following:

    A hotel room in Birmingham that's near the NIA with a car park (don't mind paying for this) for 2 nights, checking in on the 15th of October and checking out on the 17th that has Sky Sports in the room.

    Many many thanks in advance!


    premier travel inn 0.5 miles canal street £60 a night per room

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    Do you have a link for that Dhaos please? I've looked and I can't see it being available at all. Thanks.

    tried to post the link but its one of them web pages that doesnt have a specific link for each search

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    [SIZE=2]Ah, I get you.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]What was the website you went through?[/SIZE]

    trouble is when i was looking i just looked for a room for ronight and when i have input your details it says unavailable and the only one that is avalaible is 5.5 miles away, is there something special on that night? dont know why it would be full up as its 2 months off. Maybe try phoning them they usually will find you the closest one available on that night

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    Ah ha! Makes total sense now!

    I don't know, I just need the hotel for Sky Sports to keep my sanity as I'm going up there for work for a "Team Building" malarky! It's not anything exciting like off road driving or a murder mystery thing, oh no, just in a room in a hotel where you have to "become closer" and "work as one"!

    We aren't allowed to stay in the same hotel though, that costs too much........

    Thanks for your help though!

    if you need a Taxi service Steetline cars are very good
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