Hotel/B&B in Blackpool on Saturday 4th November

    Hi All

    I am after a hotel/B&B in blackpool on the 4th November for one night. Preferably it will be on the seafront or near the pleasure beach.

    I am not that "o-fay" with Price line etc, so if anyone has had any cheap deals accepted, please let me know.

    I am not looking for a cheap and nasty hotel, but a good deal more than anything. It needs to be a double room for 2 people.




    Oooooh i take it as its for one night this is in honour of my birthday?

    As its obviously my birthday that day

    au fait

    'to the fact'; having complete and up-to-date knowledge; conversant.

    Unless your wife is "Fay" and you're going to be serenading her in Blackpool.

    Just trying to help, please don't take this the wrong way.

    Original Poster

    LOL - its my Girlfriend's birthday on the 3rd, but we are going out that day so the 4th is the best alternative.

    Fair point Sossidge ;-)

    Any prices anyone?

    Have a look on we've just got a great deal going to Loch Lommond at the end of November. Hope this helps.

    Check out [url][/url]. It's the best site I've ever found for cheap hotel rooms.
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