hotels and attractions in birmingham

    we are going to stay in birmingham for three days at the end of august and wondered if anyone had any recommendations for hotels days out etc any info would be really appreciated thanks


    Adults or with children?

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    sorry should have mentioned one adult and one child thanks

    Cadbury world!! ...oO(YUM)

    sealife centre (centre of bham)
    Cadbury world
    Nature Centre (has a big park next to it)

    Did you want to stay in the centre of Brum?

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    ideally i would prefer to stay in the centre of birmingham but if anyone knows of somewhere that is good i would like to know thanks

    broad st is where most hotels are,but be warned if going at the weekend will be noisy, there are lots of bars around there.

    there's plenty of hotels in the centre of Birmingham as well...have a look on late rooms

    steer clear of the paragon hotel even if really cheap


    The Ramada hotel in the Mailbox is very nice. Not too expensive either.
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