Hotels around the mumbles Swansea

    We want to head to the mumbles on easter monday and tuesday, so im guessing we have to stay near swansea.. any reccommendations? I dont want to stay in the city center to be honest so outside it would be better!

    budget is £100 for the two nights including breakfasts so it would have to be cheapish but nice Is it easy to get around the area?



    why the mumbles specifically., i ask as there is only one road really from swansea to mumbles, so naturally at busy times like easter hols its a nightmare

    lots of BB literally just outside city centre on road from swansea to mumbles some nice some not so

    are you driving here??

    HI mate there is a b and b on Mumbles Road but I think it prob expensive.There are b and b's on Oystermouth road and I mean loads!I would avoid the Arches as they accomodate homeless people from the Bays project.The rooms are not very nice.However, any other one is ok I think and they are cheap!The parking is a nightmare so I would get one with a car park.I am heading off for a night out tomoz near there so I will make a note and get back to you.If you want to PM me your mob I text you tomorrow.
    The Mumbles is basically very easy to get too although I would have said avoid it over bank holiday as it will be exceptionally busy and if it is sunny then a real nightmare to wait in the car to get in to the village.I am just gonna check a few prices for you and will update this in a bit xx

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    cheers for the info! we didnt really want to stay at a b+b or a guest house as we wanted somewhere we could just relax in the day if we wanted too and some other reason my girlfriend said but i cant remember why! i think were goiing for the Best Western hotel on Aberavon Beach. I know its the other side of swansea to the mumbles but its pretty much inbetween the mumbles and the show caves we wanted to go to so hopefully its nice! apparently we can get a 'sea view' room there too which would be great, as long as the refinery is not in our 'view'

    Aberavon is not in Swansea it is in Port Talbot.You can still get to Mumbles by car but I would park in one of the residental streets in Norton as you will not get a space in Mumbles (or you are extremely brave!)LOL.You are certainly closer to the caves though.Have fun! I put an offer on a house down there today! ;-D
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