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    I am looking to go away to County Donegal, Ireland in three weeks and i was wondering if anyone knew of any good hotels. I am looking for pretty good hotels for reasonable prices. Looknig in the range of about 200 quid for 2 people for 2 nights double room. Anyone got any suggestions or promotion codes out there for some of the hotels?


    Donegal has LOADS of hotels and B&B can check online, but if you just land there (as long as no special days) will be able to look around and get one close to were you want to be ie bars, walks other stuff. When get a price say you'll call back, and compare price to B&B next door willl save you a good few pounds.

    Nice place, bit cold here at minute, bring a coat...!

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    Its a treat for the girlfriend so i was looking somewhere really nice. I have been up to rathmullen and malins head a few times, and down to donegal town and bundoran itself. I like the thought of somewhere up along the coast at the top. Any recommendations??

    sandhouse hotel in rossnowlagh may be cheap at this time of year.
    does depend on where in donegal you want to go - its pretty big. - and mostly i would recommend staying in b&bs rather than hotels in this part of the world.
    another place i would recommend is the manor house hotel in county fermanagh - just a short drive from donegal
    ah ha just read your post - rathmullan house is a pretty special place up in the north of the county.
    downings is a popular place - beautiful location but the hotels there aren't great.


    downings is a popular place - beautiful location but the hotels there … downings is a popular place - beautiful location but the hotels there aren't great.

    I agree that Downings is a fantastic place and that the hotels aren't great ( I find it a bit touristy) - but just up the road is a real nice hotel called The Carrigart Hotel - has lots of live music nights, good food and is right in village centre. Had a few great night's here myself so highly recomended.

    Just remembered there is a new hotel in Downings tho that looks impressive so this may be more up your street..

    hope the info helps

    Do you know the Sandhouse Hotel -stunning sea views from the cliffs but haven't been there in a while - best to google for current reviews/ When you stayed in Rathmullan, did you stay in Rathmullan House Hotel? If you did, what was your impression? I'm from that part of the world btw. Spent a couple of weeks every summer when we were kids at RMHH. Great, safe place for children to to run wild outdoors!
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