Hotels in Las Vegas

    Any tips for getting a cheap hotel in vegas january 18th to january 21st. Looking at the Paris hotel best price so far is £350 for a twin room


    ]TravelCity might be worth a call for a quote. I know someone who went with them last december. I've no idea if they are cheap though.

    I saw a this promo code for winter specials on the ]tripadvisor forums (WNTR15) it's for ]The Mirage, might be worth a try on the website

    Also check out ]this thread which is full of discount codes for various vegas hotels.

    did you have any luck Ste?


    Have a look at - they tend to be less expensive than

    If you aren't set on any particular hotel then naming your own price is often unbeatable. You can choose which area you want to be in.

    TIP They say 50% off but in my experience you can get lots more than 50% off by naming your own price. We've used it quite a few times & have always had bargains often upgraded from 2*+ to 4 or 5*

    If it were me I'd start at $30 & ask for a 4 or 5* hotel on the strip. I think the Venetian & the Bellagio are the only 5* but check up on a few other sites. Look at what is on offer at priceline before naming your price. Also look up other sites to give you more idea. Not had a hotel that wasn't on Priceline - Yet, but read their rules first.

    I know $30 seems crazy but I've been amazed more than once. Yes that is $$ NOT ££ They don't do Paris on there but it might be one of the ones they might choose for 4* not on their site. If you would be happy with any of the 4* ones on strip - it's well worth a gamble. After all that's what Vegas is all about isn't it?

    eg. The last time we flew to US we wanted an airport hotel for 2 nights each stay. We ended up paying just $30 + a few charges to Priceline - under $40 a night per room. Asked for 3* ended up in 4* & 5*.

    You have plenty of time to try a few bids - START LOW! They often ask you if you;re prepared to go up $10 or so per night if you're near. DON'T as you'll get it cheaper if you raise price by 1/2 this.

    You can only have 1 bid per 24 hrs - but there is nothing stopping you checking (after you've been refused) by using another email address.

    I also have a wonderful auction site which I can't find at moment $1 a week for aparthotel + charges (for tax & cleaning) of $159-$179 - all over US

    Good luck & let us know how you get on.

    Don't forget - pay with a Nationwide card if you have one - for the very best exchange rate!


    Anyone know if the flamingo hotel is any good?
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