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    Hotels in Nantes?

    Can anyone recommend an available hotel 1/4-3/4 for me and my daughter age 14? Thanks would apreciate any help!!


    hahaha me and the mrs are going there! have a look on expedia a few on there that look really nice close to town centre cant wait hopefully if i get time off 22nd to 24th for a cpl of days

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    I have booked it-thanks all!!!!! I booked the hotel de france as it looks central and really old and quaint. It was through hotels.com and i got a discount through a site I can't recall I just searched hotel.com discounts..gave me 10% and i went through quidco. Total £129 for two night for two so am more than happy!! anyone wants any info when i get back am happy to share if you pm me? also would love any advice from previous visitors!
    Thanks, Linda
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