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    looking to fly to new york on 29th Nov 2008 from any uk airport to jfk for 5 nights. Any suggestions where we can get a good deal on flights and hotel??


    ba have some good £199 flights

    I just bought for that date from Virgin - £340 each, but we picked the best times...

    Cheapest is £289 each with Delta at the moment for that weekend.

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    Cheers will have a look have you had a good deal on you're hotel???


    have you had a good deal on you're hotel???

    We used (remember Quidco - I got £60 back!) and chose The Benjamin hotel because of the reviews people had left - we WERE NOT DISAPPOINTED - fabulous! We paid average of £188 per night for a long weekend, got a free upgrade to a suite by asking for a large quiet room when we got there (having a gorgeous, glamorous girlfriend helps :whistling: ).

    Be warned though, check the final price in the right-hand column when you are in the confirmation page and looking to book - they added on 20% for fees and taxes!!! I phoned them to complain (Indian call centre of course GRRRR) and explained to them that if they don't break down the taxes etc so we can claim them back through business, then we don't need them to be separate, and said that they were misleading us... They didn't even understand me!

    Have fun!

    Expedia have a room sale on at the moment. Can recommend the Salisbury Hotel, central, just opp Carnegie Hall and only 10 minutes walk to central park.

    Room rates are £987 for your stay
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