Hotels in N.I.

    I'm off to N.I. with work next week and need a hotel room for two nights. I normally stay in Europa, but will be working in Ards and Bangor instead of Belfast.

    Instead of driving to/from Belfast (a bit lazy, I know!), I was wondering if anyone could recommend a nice hotel in Ards or Bangor or nearby???

    Thanks in advance!


    Google maps and search the post codes for hotels where you are working...

    a little tip - there is a hotel called the crawfordsburn inn just outside bangor. It's expensive ish - but if you go on there website a few days before and go through the online booking they sometimes offer rooms for £50 per night b&b

    another decent one in the area is

    Original Poster

    Thanks - cost isn't an issue as the company will pick that up.

    any ideas what public transport is like around Crawfordsburn Inn and Clandeboye Lodge? If it's decent, I may be green and use a peasant wagon instead of a hire car!!!!

    hmm not sure sorry about public transport, wouldn't want to rely on it over here. I have no doubt there is a bus goes by crawfordsburn - but it would depend on where you need to go.
    I have just recommended these 2 places because they are nice and in the area - there are probably other places in bangor that are ok and would be easier to get to with public transport.
    I'm not from the area myself - so not exactly sure
    check out the websites or give them a call

    I'm from Crawfordsburn and you can get a bus every hour to Bangor or Belfast, the Clandeboye lodge has no public transport at all.
    Pm me if you need to know anything else
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