Hotels in Sharm El Sheikh

    My boyfriend and I are looking at going to Sharm El Sheikh in November but we haven't booked anything yet.

    I have spent the last week or so reading reviews of the many many (many) hotels that Sharm has to offer and I am well and truly confused.

    Has anyone here been to Sharm and if so, what hotels do you recommend?

    We are looking for something nice, clean, friendly atmosphere, nearby to Naama Bay if possible (or just nearby amenities) and with huge pools.

    Any ideas?!


    If you are planning to stay in Naama bay itself make sure the hotel you choose is on the sea side of the main road. You dont want to be crossing the road every time you want to go to the beach and many hotels have sections on both sides of the main road. Last year we stayed in the Ghazala Beach which was fine 4****, this year we used the Sheraton 5***** which was 10 mins out of Naama and had everything on site (the Villas or Hotel part is better than the Resort area). I dive and it had a good dive centre, as did the Ghazala last year. Use Tripadvisor for impartial reviews of any you are considering.

    I stayed in the Naama Star in Sharm in May. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and even enjoyed the food. It is marketed as a 4star, but defo NOT IMO The staff were great, friendly and helpful, but I have to say that there were quite a few people moaning about the food, although we found it fine, if a bit repetative. The hotel was 5 mins or so walk from the centre, and about 10 - 15 mins from the very small, crowded private beach. There is one pool and a jacuzzi, and you can have a taster session in diving at the hotel. The rooms were clean...average hotel rooms, but only a few had balconies. Be prepared to endure MEGA hassle in sharm from shopkeepers etc...reallt hard core!!

    ok then
    we have been there 4 time s
    you get what you pay for when going to sharm
    we have stayed at the concorde el salam ok not bad
    reef oasis dont even go there
    savoy is amazing it s alot more expensive but drinks and food is amazing
    baron palms resort abit cheaper than savoy but just as good
    me and the misses paid
    we paid about £2000 for 2 weeks to the concorde (not worth it)
    £1900 for the reef oasis (not even go there )
    £2300 for baron worth every penny
    £2600 for the savoy the best hotel in sharm
    what ever you do dont go to a cheap hotel food will be horrible and you will be on the loo the hole holiday and the drinks are crap in the baron and the savoy you get international drinks as much as you want and they fill the mini bar up every morning for free and you eat at top restaurants ,people from othere hotels go to the savoy to eat because the food is so good and pay , we done that when we stayed at the concorde ,we ate at the savoy 5 nights , they might be more expensive but you will spend less when you get there ,check trip advisor all the cheap hotels will have bad reviews ,even the midrange hotels get bad revies i no because we stayed in 2 midrange hotels and they where crap ,hope this helps , book the baron or savoy you will have a holiday of a life time

    we went to tiran island hotel recently

    some dreadful reviews but they were unfounded.

    food fine, a little repetitive but the only ones who would complain are those with a natural tendency to be whingeing moaners.

    two pools, one huge and busy, the other small and quiet.

    killer feature was it was a few mins walk from beach area where it shared a floating jetty out onto the coral - i have dived in varoius places all over the world but the snorkelling here knocks socks off most places - absolutely beautiful.

    as for poorly tums, the only time i got the sharm el sh**s was when i ate out at two highly regarded franchises in sharm itself, namely tgi and hard rock

    I am going to the sultan gardens in a few weeks time. I can let you know how good it is.We have paid £1400 for a week all inc.

    I stayed in Sol Sharm a few weeks back and really enjoyed, pool was pretty big - beach in walking distance and naama bay short taxi.

    Read between lines on reviews, peope have different holiday expectectations, I found my hotel nice, friendly & clean no problems to report, in fact I even posted my own review upon returning to try and correct some bad press which was totally unfounded!

    If your going all inclusive meals will be repetitive, but they would if you dined anywhere 3 times a day for 7 + nights....PM me if I can be of further assistance.


    we went to tiran island hotel recentlysome dreadful reviews but they were … we went to tiran island hotel recentlysome dreadful reviews but they were fine, a little repetitive but the only ones who would complain are those with a natural tendency to be whingeing moaners.

    You must really like crap food as you are probably the first person that has said Tiran Island Hotel served good food. The hotel is fantastic, the staff friendly and liked the fact that it was close to Soho but everyone we talked to on holiday said the food was crap. Lived on takeaways and restaurants, Breakfast was good but then again it is hard to imagine anyone managing to make toast taste horrible.

    Baron palms resort is a fantastic hotel one of the best ones, pricey but worth it. If you like the hustle and bustle in the morning stay in a hotel in Naama bay, but if you want a calmer morning, better beaches, better excursions and a decent night life stay in Tiran Island, (Nabq area).
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    each to their own but i thought the food was fine.................
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