Posted 9th Dec 2022 (Posted 3 h, 46 m ago)
I am trying to log in. I put the four last digits of the number in but it's stopped sending me the code. Tried everything can't get able to contact Microsoft and If I could still takes 30 days. How do I get it to resend codes. Have reset phone and tried everything. Please help
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    You can also login with browser thus avoiding using app..
    See if that works
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    Im sure You have to enter your full phone number not the last 4 digits
    Yes. was about to write this. It prompts you with just some of the digits.
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    When this happened to me it took AGES for the txts to come through, but they did come through. How long have you been waiting for the txts?
    I have been trying all day yesterday
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    What phone network are you with? Some of the smaller virtual networks like Plusnet and Vectone have stopped supporting texts from shortcodes like this.

    Also if you’re with Three there’s currently a glitch on the network that are causing texts to get blocked up. Ask a friend or family member to send you a SMS message and you will probably get flooded with all the missed texts in one go.
    I am on ee
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    Use a different browser.

    Firefox not opening hotmail for a week now, but no problems with Edge.
    Thanks but not the browser it's with receiving text message it's on ee
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    What code is this? I just added hotmail on my new phone using the Spark app and didn't need a code.
    Four digit code on two step verification
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    thanks but we not using app was using browser. I really can't see why it just suddenly stopped from day before when it worked. There was nothing I did different (edited)
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    That always came up with too many digits. I have now decided to see if they can remove the security info. They hopefully will sort it by the 8th January. I hope as need the account.
    Are we talking or
    Either way, if you need your account you should try accessing it in a browser on a desktop/laptop.
    In here…1a5
    read this
    I'm not receiving the verification code sent to my mobile device
    and this
    I don't have my mobile device with me
    simply in order to achieve a different way of 2FA
    Just in case you cannot access your account start planning now on letting your contacts know a different email address.
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